Sento event report


Stamp rally


Mitaka-shi from 7/25 to 11/3o a limited sento strap as a gift for 4 stamps collected

mitakashi stamp rally

Nakano-ku 11/15 to 11/30 For 5 sento stamps, 5 free sento tickets as a gift!

Shinjuku-ku 10/18 to 12/31  A Yugeji bathtowel for 10 sento stamps!



Edogawa-ku from 9/1 to 12/20  a special limited editiongift towel for 5 stamps collected and free enter tickets for 10 stamps collected

edogawa ku stamp 1 edogawa ku stamp 2 edogawa ku stamp 3


Ota-ku VS Kawasaki-shi stamp rally from 11/1 to 2016/2/29

大田区VS川崎市 銭湯陣取りスタンプラリー

Many great gifts by collected point with aplication :

For 4 Lucky people a privet sento time to win!


11/15 Ringo-yu:

Apple bath in all Itabashi-ku sento!






In May an illustration from a special guest the artist Radical Suzuki san

Don’t hesitate to visit his gallery!

Suzuki san ilustration




5th Sakura aroma bath in Nakano-ku,Hachioji-shi, Inagi-shi and Machida

12th Rose aroma bath in Suginami-ku

19th Yomogi aroma bath in Koto-ku

26th Lavender aroma bath in Edogawa-ku




29th Grapefruits-yu: bath with grapefruits in Edogawa-ku

3rd  Lavender-yu : lavender bath in Kita-ku’sento.




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Published on February 26, 2015