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Ginsen-yu (銀泉湯)is located in Sugamo at 2 minutes’ walk from Sugamo- Nita station on the Toden Arakawa line and 10 minutes from Ootsuka on the Yamanote line. The bath house was built in 1968. Hirono san, the owner of the sento is running Ginsen-yu since 1995.

The facilities
Bath types: jet massage bath, an aromatic bath (the aroma change every day), an electric bath and a bubble bath. The water is heated traditionally by burning wood.

Tiles representing Wisteria are decorating the bath room. The floor is white and the ceiling painting in green.

Open hours
3:30pm to 0.30am. From 3:00 on Sunday. Closed on Monday.

Toshima-ku Nishi Sugamo 1-23-7

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