Last week-end I went to an amazing seasonnal event in the Shimizu-yu sento in Tsurumi.
This event was about celebrating spring by doing the famous “Ohanami” which consist in admiring cherry blossom and basically sharing drinks/foods with friends.
Therefor it was very unique to celebrate it in a public bath!
At your disposal there were a drink bar, some food and booth with original creation such as jewellery and sento goodies. Activites too were proposed, such as: massage, Japanese games.With my friends, we spent most of our time sat with our feet bathing in the hot water, admiring sakura and sento beautiful mural and mosaïc.

Some sento informations:
The building is a very traditional bathhouse. I was built according to a traditional Japanese construction process called ‘miyadzukuri’, which is basically the same process temples and shrines are based on. You can enjoy great art piece such the painted mural and the pastel mosaic by relaxing into the bubble bath.


Open hours
3:00pm to 10.00pm. Closed on the 3rd, 13th and 23th of the month.

Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama City Shiota -cho 3-137-2

Kanagawa sento page

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