Ebisu-yu (えびす湯) is located in Toshima-ku, at 12 minutes’ walk from the east exit of Komagome station (JR Yamanote line) and 12 minutes’ walk from Sugamo station (JR Yamanote line north exit, Tokyo metro Toei Mita line exit A1). The sento was built in 1963.The actual owner Murakami-san, second generation is running

The Facilities:
There are many sorts of bath in Ebisu-yu: an aroma bath that changes every day, a radium onsen, a micro-bubble bath, cold water bath, esthetic-jet and body jet. The water is pumping from 130 meters deep sources so it’s very smooth and provides great hydration for the skin.


There is a big mosaic mural in the bathroom representing Amakusa Gokyo bridge in Kumamoto. The ceiling too is colorful; it is painted with yellow, green and white stripes in all the bathroom. The cloak room is very spacious with some sofa so you can easily relax after the bath.

Open hours
3:30pm to 11.30pm. From 2.30 on Sunday.
Closed on Monday. (In case Monday is on the 10th or the 26th, the sento will be open and the day off shifted on Tuesday instead.)


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