Fuji no yu (藤の湯) well hidden at 6 minutes’ walk from Yoga station(用賀), in Setagaya ku, this sento is a secret jewel among Tokyo sento.
The Facilities
Massage bath, sauna, and Hinoki buro. Hinoki is a precious wood from Japanese cypress, which has many benefits. It has a really pleasant and relaxing scent that helps to release stress and has the ability to absorb toxic substances. Hinoki is also known to be a natural insecticide. Because of its high quality and resistance, Hinoki wood is used to build temple, shrine and houses.
Open hours
3:30pm to 11pm, every day except Friday.
There is body soap and shampoo free to use in the shower area. Owls fan will love this place thanks to the art of Yamaguchi san owner of the sento.