Heiden Onsen is located in Aichi in Nagoya, at 9 minutes’ walk from Takaoka station.The family started to run a bathhouse during the 4th year of the Taisho area (1915) in Nagoya (Shinonome-yu)  and move to Heiden onsen, built in (1951).  Yagi san, the owner of the sento started to help her family with the sento in 1992 and became the fourth generation to own the sento since 1994.

The facilities
Bath types: jet massage bath, an aromatic bath, ultra-sonic bubbles bath, cold an electric bath and a sauna.The water pumped at 80 meters underground has a great quality and using whiteout being filtered. The water is very soft and moisturize skin.The aromatic bath scent changes every day, Yagi-san choose it according to the weather and the season (if it is cold something warming like herbal bath, if it is hot something refreshing like mint scent), and always think what lady would enjoy the most. And especially many times yuzu bath during winter.

The bathroom is very luminous all in white tiles. There is a central bath in the middle of room and 2 baths at the bottom of the room, overlooked by a garden You can enjoy a real garden as a mural of the bathroom, with even some fruits inside to find!!

Open hours and fee
3:00pm to 10.45pm. Closed on Tuesday. 420 yens

Aichi, Nagoya-shi, Higashi-ku, Aioichō 38

Do not miss the artisan ice cream with honey which is made by acollaboration between a local high school’s beekeeping club, the UNESCO club, and a local ice cream shop called Pleinbon. 8 yen of each ice cream purchase will be donated for reconstruction in Rikuzentakata.

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