Inari-yu (稲荷湯) located in Kita-ku, at 5  minutes’ walk from Itabashi station. Only 8 minutes by train from Shinjuku and 2 from Ikebukuro.

The Facilities
3 baths at different temperature:  nano bubble warm water bath, the nano bubbles are so tiny that they penetrate deeply into skin pores and clean them out. Calcium and magnesium are removed from the water to be softer for the skin. A two hot massage bath, if you feel being challenged one is 47 degrees. I entered in for 30 seconds!! You can enjoy a different aroma bath every week-end.


It is a traditional bath house all made in wood, constructed 85 years ago. The entrance is also a typical one, men and women have to separate before enter inside, and there is a bandai in the middle of the two change room. The sento is very luminous, the change room is also all made in wood and there is a cosy terrace with a pleasant Japanese garden and Koi fish in a pond. That is very refreshing and relaxing. I am quite sensible to the association of green and wood, a piece of nature is always appreciable in Tokyo. In the bath room there is an amazing Fuji-san painting, realized by Maruyama-san, one of the only 3 painters remains in Tokyo nowadays. Kimiko-san is the 6th family generation to run the bath house. For more information and story, please check my interview in Inari-yu with a beautiful video realized by Spotwright :

Interview Spotwright, Tokyo is sento!

Video: Inari-yu interviewA traditional bath house, outside view of Inari-yu

Open hours
14:50pm to 1.30am, every day except Wednesday.


Kitaku Takinogawa 6-27-14

If you know the movie Thermae Romae that is the place where the sento scene was shot.




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