I experienced ‘kashikiri’ sento, which means ‘private bathing’.Using a private sento for a few hours is a really unique and rare experience, so I decided to invite some of my friends to enjoy this privileged time together. There are many ways to enjoy (a) private sento: you can go with girlfriends and have girltalk as much as you want while you’re taking care of yourself, with your other half, with your family or with friends like I did. I invited five friends, males and females, for a sento party. As we had the chance to get mixed, we exceptionally wore swimwear while entering the bath.

The event was in Kaisei-yu near Kamata station. Kasei-yu (改正湯) is well-known for its black water onsen, which is great for the skin. You can appreciate the benefits of the black water in different tubs such as in a hot bath, a sparkling bath and a cold bath. There are also a hot massage bath and a white “silk bath” made of nano bubbles which infiltrate the skin for a deep cleansing. The design of the sento is amazing; from the bath, you can enjoy a big aquarium with many sort of goldfishes and a majestic Mount Fuji mural made of mosaic. We first decided to go on top of the sento building to have a group picture. Then, because of the winter coming, we decided to warm up and relax together in the bath. We had lunch and drinks (no alcohol during sento as it could be very dangerous) we all brought in the sento hall. Once we were sated, we decided to go back in the bath to try all the different tubs. It was a very funny way to enjoy sento and all of us were very pleased with this experience.
Open hours
3:00pm to 00.30am. Closed on Friday.
Ota-ku Nishi Kamata 5-10-5

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