(permanently closed) please enjoy the pictures
Konparu-yu (金春湯) is located in Toshima-ku, at 5 minutes’ walk from Ootsuka station and 12 minutes’ walk from Sugamo station. The current owner, Kita-san was running a sento in Bunkyo-ku before running Konparu-yu with his wife since 1999.

The Facilities
A deep bath with: an electric bath corner inside and a long bath with ultrasonic waves for inner massages and warm your body.In the changing room there is a very comfortable sofa and a television.

The theme of the sento is around sea and fish that creates a beautiful atmosphere. In the bathrooms there is a great mosaic picturing cute fishes swimming into the blue.In the locker/changing room there is an aquarium with some tropical fish which are really enjoyable watching. In this sento I really love the “home sweet home” feeling which really gives us a pleasant sens.

Open hours
4:00pm to 0.30am.
Closed on Monday.



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