Myoho-yu (妙法湯) is the first sento I went to in my life. The sento is near Ikebukuro station and Shiinamachi station. There is a nice shotengai (traditional shopping district) where it is nice to walk, eat and drink in the neighbourhood.

The Facilities
Massage aroma bath (the color and scent of the bath change every day), electric bath, cold water bath and sauna. Temperature is a bit high but you can add cold water when you enter in. The sauna is made of hinoki, the scent of the wood is very pleasant. Free body soap and shampoo.



A very clean atmosphere with white tiles. An illustration in the cold bath, and some colored lights in the hot bath. Myoho-yu is very convenient to use and I like to go in the evening. My little habit is to drink milk or beer after the bath and have a relaxing time on the front’s sofa.

Open hours
3:30pm to 0.45am, every day except Monday.


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