otasentowalk1Last Sunday, I participated to an event organized by Ota-ku : The “Ota Sento Walking” (おおた銭湯ウォーキング).

otasentowalk2Minami no yu (美奈見の湯)

The event is free but limited to 400 persons. I had to go to a meeting point between 10am and 10.30am in the morning to receive a map, a quiz and a few documents about Ota-ku Sento’s. Then I had to choose between two walks: 7 km and 11 km.

otasentowalk8Atari-yu (あたり湯)

I decided to challenge 11 km because I wanted to visit all the places. The map indicates the way but also stores (along with coupons) to buy food, to rest (where you can receive water and cookies) and to have your stamps which are required to complete the mission.

otasentowalk3Hi no de yu (日の出湯)

There is also a quiz for each place, and you need to arrive to the final destination before 3pm to give it back and receive a few goodies if you have the correct answers. otasentowalk6Hi no de yu (日の出湯)

At first, I was worried to get lost but it is very well organized with many friendly volunteers wearing orange coats. They are helping you at every corners.otasentowalk5Oomori-yu (大森湯)

Thanks to this event, I visited really nice sento (before opening hours) and discovered new places in Tokyo.

otasentowalk7Shinnomigawa-yu (新呑川湯)

I thought I had the time to walk leisurely the 11 km but I have to admit I actually had to run a bit at the end to be on time!

otasentowalk8otasentowalk9otasentowalk4Hama no yu (浜の湯)

Luckily, I also passed the quiz and got a few nice presents 🙂


Ota-ku’ sento website


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