Takasago-yu is located in Zoshigaya at 6 minutes’ walk from Kishibojin station of the Toden-Arakawa line and Zoshigaya station. The area is very pleasantful for a walk and to visit its beautiful temples.The bath house was built in 1933. The interior as it is nowadays has been renewed in 1996.

The facilities
Bath types: you can find a jet massage bath, an aromatic bath and a bubble bath. The temperature of the water is around 41 degrees, and the aromatic bath is around 40 degrees that makes it very easy to enter in.

The women bath side is decorated by a mural representing Mount Fuji surrounding by cherry blossoms in a full bloom. It is very feminine and relaxing. The men bath side is decorated by a view of Hashinoko Lake in Hakone and the Mount Fuji. The murals are not painted but photography.


Open hours
5:00pm to 11.00pm. Closed on Wednesday and Thursday.

Toshima-ku Zoshigaya 1-5-3


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