Tokyo-sento is above all a shared adventure that I could never realized on my own.

I would like to thanks a lot :

  • All the sento for their kindness and to always be so kind to share a piece of their life with me
  • Jordy for his precious help and making my work possible
  • Julien for always reading and correcting my texts, and for creating my beautiful logo
  • Naoko who kindly translated all the texts in Japanese
  • Ayumi for her nice illustrations and for creating my logo
  • Tomoya for being my partner in life and to always be with me in my crazy adventures
  • My wonderful friends and family who always believe in me and encourage me

May everybody finds its own tiny but sweet paradise like I found mine, sento 🙂


Tsuru tile

                   Tsuru no yu, Nishi-Waseda