Tsuru no yu (鶴の湯) is a wonderfull  nostalgic bath house. From both the inside and the outside you can experience a charming retro atmosphere. Exterior architecture, interior wood, vintage sofa, everything looks cosy, illuminated by a soft light. If you are lucky you can even meet the two cats owning the place.
The facilities
The outdoor bath is clearly astonishing , it is among the spacious one in Tokyo. I really really enjoyedto have a bath under blue sky but I am dying to try it under the snow also!! There are massage bubble bath inside and an aroma bath in which you can just relax and enjoy the view of the Fuji-san by chatting with some ladies *men about everything and Nothing.

The art
A superb Fuji-san mural painted with luminous colors by Tanaka Mizuki san (cf ). I had the chance to watch her working on it, it was really impressive. The cute character represented on the fresco is Oyu no Fuji, the sento mascot from Edogawa-ku. You can find some old fashioned advertisement in the bath room too. Overall, I consider the whole sento as a piece of art.

Open hours
3:00pm to 0.00am.
Closed on Wednesday.

Tokyo, Edogawa-ku Kita Koiwa 7-4-16

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