Dokodemo Sento is a website about sento (bath houses) in Japan. Here, you will discover many sento along with information, photos, and related events. Enjoy your visit! Click here to access the list of sento.

Sento photographies portfolio

Sento & History

The Japanese bathhouses are called Sento and they are cultural treasures that have been part of the cultural embodiment in the life of Japanese people for centuries. There is about 2600 sento in Japan. Sento is a cultural heritage with a strong historical background and is known to hold great benefits for health and beauty.

Sento & Design

While relaxing in the bath, you will notice that each sento’s interior design is unique and different. Be sure to discover and gaze upon the different kinds of murals in the sento such as the iconic mount Fuji mural painting, the ceramic tiles mural and a charming Japanese garden.

Sento Guide

I also offer my services to guide you to the sento, as a writer, or for any various projects linked to the subject.

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