Cherry blossom celebration in Shimizu-yu

Last week-end I went to an amazing seasonnal event in the Shimizu-yu sento in Tsurumi. Theis event was about celebrating spring by doing the famous "Ohanami" which consist in admiring cherry blossom and basically sharing drinks/foods with friends.

“Kashikiri” sento in Kaisei-yu

I experienced ‘kashikiri’ sento, which means ‘private bathing’. Using private sento for a few hours is a really unique and rare experience, so I decided to invite some of my friends to enjoy this privileged time with me.

Sento Suppoter Forum 2015

Sento Suppoter Forum 2015

Ota-ku Sento Walk 2015

Last Sunday, I participated to an event organized by Ota-ku : The “Ota Sento Walking” (おおた銭湯ウォーキング). Minami no yu (美奈見の湯) […]